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30-Day solo mastery framework From grammy award winner cory henry

Learn directly from one of the best keyboard players on the planet WITHOUT spending thousands of dollars on traditional lessons. Save years of unlearning bad techniques and unhelpful practicing routines in this 30-day workshop.

I’ll teach you the key components of theme-driven improvisation and build the foundation for creating masterful solos. I’m blessed to be a 3X Grammy Award Winning artist and want you to join me as I share my expertise, helping you create an out-of-this-world solo.

Online Cohort-Based Class | Intermediate and Advanced


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Develop your own professional-sounding piano solos in 30 days with one of today's most celebrated and accomplished soloists, Cory Henry, and Berklee College of Music professor, Alain Merville.

Learn alongside motivated piano players from around the world, use never-before-used AI piano practice technology and create 4 original solo performances!


30-Day Online Workshop


Flexible; 8-10 hours per Week


Solo & Improvisation Mastery


Intermediate & Advanced


Cory Henry

A 3x Grammy-winning artist and a music prodigy. He has been a featured soloist with countless artists including Kanye West, Imagine Dragons, Bruce Springsteen, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. With 100+ million views, Cory’s solos are the most viewed improvisation performances on YouTube.

Alain Merville

Founder and CEO of YousicPlay and a former professor at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston. Over his 13+ years as an educator, Alain has taught thousands of students and has developed highly effective teaching formulas. He brings a wide range of experience as an educator, entrepreneur, manager, influencer, and cultivator of young talent.




The Step-by-Step Guide to Soloing, On Demand

Learn Cory’s entire, start-to-finish creative process for improvisation - every idea, decision, tool, and technique. The same soloing techniques he has used in thousands of performances, including his famous Lingus solo - 32M YouTube views.

Access the pre-recorded lessons at any time


HANDs-on practice

Put what you learn into practice with hands-on projects. Create your own piano solos with step-by-step assignments, and ‘play-along’ exercises. Monitor your progress as you improve through each lesson.

Interactive piano exercises with real-time feedback


grow with Other Musicians

Share your work, give feedback, and connect with other pianists in our community. Join friendly competitions to win community badges and other prizes.

Connect with & get support from fellow YousicPlayers

Learn how to use harmony and chord progressions to create melody-driven phrases.

  1. Why harmony is a core skill in soloing
  2. Understanding the chord structure of the song you're soloing over
  3. Analyze the chord progression of the song and their functional harmony
  4. Left-Hand chord voicings when soloing
  5. Soloing "within the key" using Tonal Center and Chord tone-based ideas
  6. Arpeggios & Composing Melodic lines
  7. Octave Displacement Exercise
  8. Passing Chords & Phrases (melodically driven)
  9. Reharmonization and expanding from the fundamental chord structure
  10. Understanding harmonic textures that convey different emotions: Hate, Joy, Excitement
  11. Soloing over a reharms
  12. Creating chord shapes and textures that follow the melody
  13. Ear Training Practice for Soloing

Create structure and build momentum by exploring rhythmic syncopations, left-hand & right-hand variations, and musical phrasings.

  1. Why rhythm is a core skill in soloing
  2. Playing the Harmony & Melody in time
  3. Left Hand Comping Rhythms when soloing
  4. Syncopated rhythmic variations demonstration
  5. How to practice syncopated rhythmic variations (using only the melody & chord tones)
  6. Syncopated rhythmic variations demonstration (using lines and arpeggios)
  7. Syncopated rhythmic variations demonstration (using only pentatonic scales)
  8. Combining Left-Hand comping rhythms with syncopated rhythmic soloing variations
  9. Using rhythm to hide "wrong" notes when soloing
  10. Importance of Phrasing
  11. Practice lesson on phrasing

Learn how Cory uses melodic embellishments and runs in his solos to create captivating moments and apply those techniques to your solo performance.  

  1. Why rhythm is a core skill in soloing
  2. Vocal-inspired trills & embellishments
  3. Analyze the embellishments and trills Cory uses (how to practice them)
  4. Combining melodic embellishments, chord scales, and introducing runs
  5. How to combine melodic embellishments, chord scales, and runs to compose a solo
  6. Solo performance demonstration using embellishments, runs, passing chords/phrases
  7. Analyze the 1st & 2nd verse of the solo performance demonstration
  8. Analyze the chorus of the solo performance demonstration

Expand your solo by adding motifs and a structured form that tells a complete story. Finish the class by performing your new solo.

  1. Why structure is a core skill in soloing
  2. Lesson on outlining Cory's structure to soloing
  3. Importance of Motifs & Themes for storytelling
  4. Short & Long rhythmic motifs
  5. Practice creating short & long rhythmic motifs
  6. Short & Long melodic motifs
  7. Practice creating short & long melodic motifs
  8. Developing a theme (an idea) over a longer solo vs a shorter solo
  9. Demonstration of a structured solo
  10. Analyzing Cory's Demonstration
  11. Importance of the spiritual & emotional connections when soloing



"This is definitely not another keyboard course.  It seems like Cory Henry is spending time with us, while teaching.  I encourage you to take this's very special."

- Marco lim, RIO DE JANEIRO

"To say that this course was great is an understatement.  This course has been such an asset to me personally."

- Reggie Lee, CHICAGO

"Cory explains very precisely and really well what he is doing. You can apply anything you learn from it right away."

- Casto Narvaez, Los angeles

"I'm really shocked by this amazing course!  It's the best advanced gospel piano course - 100% recommend it!

- Jesús Molina (Award-Winning Pianist)

"I promise you, Alain's course is one of the best I've seen.  You need to invest in this course if you want to take your playing to the next level!"

- Myron Butler (Grammy Award-Winning Artist)




Four Live Consultation Calls With Cory And Alain | $3,999
Up to 8 hours of call time
Cory never offers private lessons, he is on the road or in the studio most of the year, his time is at a premium
Ask any questions - personalized feedback, music entrepreneurship advice, personal branding etc.
Lifetime Access to Lydi, Our New AI Practice Enhancement Tool | $1,000
Increase accuracy up to 50%
Learn from mistakes at a level you never thought was possible
Get trackable insights about your playing that are objective
No other tool like it on the market
Use this in combination with Cory’s tips to unlock new levels of soloing mastery 
Lifetime Access to Course Video Content | $747
8+ hours of content from Cory and Alain 
3X the length of Cory’s YousicPlay course ($249)
Plus up to 8 hours of call footage with insights that can help you continue to progress
1 Year Premium Tier Subscription to Musician Exchange Online Community | $299/year value
Exclusive talks with industry professionals
Live interviews and talks with instructors
Berklee College of Music Professor theory workshops and Q&A
Unreleased behind the scenes footage and lessons from YousicPlay
Network with other highly motivated artists
Soloing Guidebook Checklist | $200
A checklist that walks you through the key skills
Learn the formula. Make it yours. Explore.
A valuable tool to unlock new potential once you understand Cory's unique approach to soloing - he has never taught this anywhere online before!


ALL of the Premium Tier | $6,245 PLUS...
Backstage meet and greet with Cory | Priceless
Join Cory at one of his shows and hang out backstage
Meet your teacher in person
Watch up close as he uses his soloing techniques in person for added depth in your musical education
One hour 1:1 video call with Berklee College of Music Professor Alain Merville | $500 per hour
Learn about gospel keys, music theory, practice techniques, effective entrepreneurship, or how to position yourself and your personal brand.  You name it!
Cory's YousicPlay Piano Course | $249
YousicPlay gift card | $100
Give the gift of music!
Or use it for yourself, and join another course to complement what you’ve learned from Cory



Melody-Driven Soloing

Developing Motifs & Ideas

Soloing “in the key”

Soloing “out of the key”

Chord Voicing & Comping Rhythms

Passing Chords & Phrasing

Solo Structure & Storytelling

Rhythmic Syncopations

Ear Training For Soloing

Playing Singable Solo Lines

Melodic Embellishments, Trills & Runs

Chord Scales, Chord Tones & Arpeggios

Advanced Music Theory for Soloing

Crafting Your Sound & Style

Workshopping & Collaboration


Live Weekly Q&As with Cory and Alain

The Workshop includes personal feedback during Live Weekly Video Calls to increase your progress up to 2x Faster or More!

Exclusive Meet & Greet at
a Cory Show

Are you a SUPER FAN? This VIP experience is your pass to a Cory Henry backstage hang out during a show of your choosing.

Includes VIP access to a live show of your choice. Travel expenses not included.


Who is this Workshop for?

This workshop is for all intermediate and advanced-level pianists, whether you’re new to improvisation, a fan of Cory Henry, or a more experienced soloist looking to accelerate your growth and expand your skills. The projects are designed so that you can practice and learn at the pace of your own personal abilities. 

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a month-long learning experience, level up your soloing skills, and finish the workshop with a blueprint of your improvisation guideline and 4 original solo performances, this workshop is for you. 

How much musical knowledge and experience do I need?

You only need basic knowledge of the piano to participate in this workshop. Berklee College of Music professor Alain Merville explains all of the music theory and provides practical understanding behind every concept and technique Cory teaches. This workshop is packed with information and you’ll likely get different learnings of it depending on your level of musical knowledge.

We’ll provide resources throughout the workshop to help you, including weekly Q&As with Cory & Alain, music theory exercises, ear training exercises, performance exercises with real-time feedback, play-along tracks, and skill development monitoring technology for you to measure your progress throughout the entire workshop.

Does it matter where I’m located?

Absolutely not. All the video lessons are pre-recorded, allowing you to watch them whenever is best for you. Inside the workshop, you’ll see the daily classwork to complete to stay on track. Although other students may complete lessons and exercises at different hours during the day, every student will be completing the same projects and watching the same videos day by day. It’ll feel like you’re learning in a classroom and part of a vibrant group of students.   

We recommend attending the live Q&A sessions each week. If you aren’t able to attend, you’ll be able to submit your questions in advance and access the recorded versions after each weekly session.

You’ll get the best of both worlds - many of the benefits of learning in person, all from the comfort of your own home and the flexibility of your own hours.

How long are the weekly video calls?

The live video calls with Cory and Alain will be approximately 1-2 hour sessions at the end of each week during the 4-week workshop. This is when you’ll have a chance to ask any questions about the workshop material and get direct feedback from Cory and Alain.

We recommend attending the live Q&A sessions each week. If you aren’t able to attend, you’ll be able to submit your questions in advance and access the recorded versions after each weekly session.

Will I get direct feedback from Cory Henry?

Absolutely Yes! Cory and Alain will participate in the live weekly calls where you’ll have the opportunity to submit questions and receive direct feedback. You may also be called on and have a chance to speak during a session. Students will be able to submit performance videos prior to the live calls for more specific feedback on their playing.

May I enroll later if this timing does not work for me?

Due to Cory’s busy travel and studio schedule, we are offering the interactive version of this workshop during the specified time - so don’t miss your chance to enroll! Additionally, we offer a 3-day money-back guarantee, so you may try the workshop for the first couple of days risk-free.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. If for any reason you want to refund your enrollment, you may do so within the first 3 days of the workshop and receive credit back in your account to take a different workshop or class.

Will I have access to the Workshop materials after it ends?

Yes! Once the month is over, you’ll have lifetime access to the video lessons, full curriculum, and continued access to the YousicPlay community. You’ll be able to use the workshop as a resource as you continue to develop your improvisation skills alongside your peers and for the rest of your music journey.

Still have questions? Contact Us!

If there are any other questions, please send us an email at and we'll gladly help you!

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